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About us

Nacho Filella Design is a Textile and Surface Design Studio located in Santander, Spain.
Since 2001 we have been creating patterns and prints for a wide range of products, including fabrics for interiors, fashion and swimwear as well as gift wrap, paper bags and other paper products.

We have done work for companies in USA, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Australia such as Chupa Chups Licensing, Busquets Gruart, Esteban Marti Solves, Domtex 2000, Linea Hogar, Pakot, Japan, What a Pretty, Azienda Cartaria Bustese, Tuninetti, Star Pennsylvania, Bursali Havlu, Ion Active, Love and Attitude, Martha Rey and others.

We integrate the European tradition in our work, together with global influences and new trends. Also, the light and environment of the Mediterranean, where our main designer comes from, is always present in our creations. In this way, we combine textures, graphics, forms and colors to create innovative designs that excite, surprise and delight.

Starting with your ideas, artwork, fabric swatches, sketches or whatever your source of inspiration, we can develop the design, a coordinate or an entire collection. We can exchange any kind of information through secure file transfer services like WETRANSFER and the same system can be used to send to you the final work. We can communicate in English, French or Spanish.

- Nacho Filella Textile Design -

by Nacho Filella Design

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